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Head Protection Standards

Standards for Head Protection Personal Protective Equipment ( ppe ) explained.

Head protection has never been so relevant, with over 133 workers killed in UK working environments last year, it is vital to protect yourself and your workforce. For a minimal investment in protective equipment, you can protect colleagues and yourself from permanent disfigurement, deafness, blindness, loss of mobility, loss of control of bodily functions, mental retardation and even death.
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Safety Helmet Colours

Sites that adopt a helmet colour code for specific roles are to use the following colours from 1 January 2017. This guide aligns to Build UK and Network Rail requirements.
Black - Site Supervisors
Orange - Slinger / Signaller
Blue - Inexperienced Person / Visitor
White - General Use (Including sites where

  • Reflective marking and role specific helmet decals are permitted.
  • Coloured high visibility vests are permitted to identify roles e.g. vehicle marshall.
  • Helmets must meet BS EN 397
  • Network Rails PPE standard allows only white and blue helmets.


EN812 Industrial Bump Caps

Industrial bump caps are intended to provide protection to the wearer against the effects of striking his head against hard, stationary objects with sufficient severity to cause laceration or other superficial injuries. NOTE An industrial bump cap should not be confused with an industrial safety helmet, as specified in EN 397.

EN397 Industrial Safety Helmets

Industrial safety helmets are intended primarily to provide protection to the wearer against falling objects and consequential brain injury and skull fracture.

EN14052 High Performance Industrial Safety Helmets

High performance industrial helmets, as specified in this European Standard, are intended to provide to the wearer protection against falling objects and off crown impacts and the consequential brain injury, skull fracture and neck injury.

EN12492 Mountaineering Equipment

Helmets for mountaineers - Safety requirements and test methods - This European Standard specifies safety requirements and test methods for safety helmets for use in mountaineering.

EN50365 Electrically Insulated Helmet

Electrically insulating helmets for use on low voltage installations

EN352-3 Hearing Protectors

Ear-muffs attached to an industrial safety helmet - This part of the standard specifies requirements for construction, design, performance, marking and user information for ear-muffs fitted to an industrial helmet which complies with EN 397, Industrial safety helmets.

EN166 Personal Eye Protection

This European standard specifies functional requirements for various types of personal eye-protectors.

EN1731 Mesh Type Eye and Face Protection

This European Standard specifies materials, design, performance requirements, test methods and marking requirements for mesh eye and face protectors.

Head Protection


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