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Hand Protection Standards

Standards for Hand Protection , Safety Gloves Personal Protective Equipment ( ppe ) explained.

Cut protection for hands – critical information for users and safety professionals explaining EN 388:2016+A1:2018 . Click here to view the PDF.


Legislation and Standards


To conform with European legislation, all gloves supplied as personal protective equipment must comply with the Personal Protective Equipment Directive [implemented into UK law by The Personal Protective Equipment (EC Directive) Regulations 1992] and be CE marked on the gloves, or on the packaging when this is not practical.



Under the terms of the above directive, gloves fall into one of the following three categories:

CAT I - Simple Design CAT II - Intermediate design CAT III - Complex Design

For minimal risks only. Suitable only

for low risk applications

where hazards can be identified

by the wearer in time to deal with them.

Reversible risks. Products are type examined by

an approved body where they examine the

manufacturer's technical specifications and

conduct tests for the relevant standards to ascertain

their conformity and/or performance.

 For protection against mortal danger or risks irreversible

harm. Products are type examined by an approved body

as for the category II. In addition, the prodcuts and

manufacturer are subject to EX quality control according

to an approved quality system.


Assessment of hazards


Gloves worn to protect the user from potentially life threatening risks must be independently tested by anapproved test house to an appropriate European Standard. A summary of the main glove standards are on the adjacent table:


Change to EN388:


A new version of the glove standard EN388: Protection Against Mechanical Risks has been published, supersedingEN388:2003. Gloves may continue to be sold under both versions of the standard until 2023, when, under the new PPE. Regulation, their certifcation will need to be renewed and that will have to be to the latest version of the standard, but glove markings will change



EN420 General Requirement
General requirements for most types of protective gloves: Design and construction, Suitability for purpose,Sizing, Comfort and efficiency, Innocuousness.
EN455 Single use mediical glove
This standard specifies requirements and tests gloves for medical purpose: Impermeability, Sizing, Strength & Thickness, Maximum elasticity and Biological safety qualities.
EN388 Mechanical Hazards Rating
A Abrasion resistance 0 - 4
B Blade Cut Resistance 0 - 5
C Tear resistance 0 - 4
D Puncture resistance 0 - 4
EN407 Thermal ( Heat ) Hazards Rating
A Flammability resistance 0 - 4
B Contact hear Resistance 0 - 4
C Convective heat resistance 0 - 4
D Radiant heat resistance 0 - 4
E Small molten metal splash resistance 0 - 4
F Large molten metal splash resistance 0 - 4
EN511 Low Temperature Protection Rating
A Convective cold resistance 0 - 4
B Contact cold Resistance 0 - 5
C Permeability of water 0 - 1
EN374 Low chemical resistance but complies with the penetration test.
EN374-2 Resistance to penetration by micro-organisms . Rating : 1 - 3
EN374-3 Resistance to chemical hazards permeation. Rating 1 - 6
EN421 Radioactive contamination resistance & Ionising Radiation
EN1082 Knife

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