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Eye Protection Standards

Legislation and Standards


Prescription Glasses

It’s now even faster and easier to source your safety prescription eyewear through Tower Supplies,  Uvex has now made it easier and quicker for safety professionals to order safety prescription eyewear with its prescription ordering website. The user friendly system is designed to display pre-agreed frame and lens options, accept orders and issue approval for the employee to proceed with an eye test.

What’s involved
The online process can be set up by uvex for organisations of all sizes, and multi-site organisations can have
numerous Authorising officers each with their own account and password.

What are the benefits?
• Ideal for any size company
• The spectacles are manufactured by uvex, which keeps costs and lead-times down
• There are no vouchers! Because invoices are issued on a frame by frame basis and through the customers
existing uvex distribution partner there is no need to set up a new account or worry about buying vouchers
• Potential reduction in lead-times especially when working with an email active optician
• Less paperwork to maintain! Orders are held on the system in the form of a unique database which you can
review at any time for easy traceability

4 easy steps!
1. The system will be set up on your behalf with pre-agreed lens and frame options as discussed with your
Tower Supplies Account Manager
2. A secure log in and password is emailed to you – orders can then be placed immediately
3. There are only 2 screens of information that you need to complete
4. The third and final screen asks you if you’d like to either:
a. Print the form off and hand it to the employee for them to take to the optician
b. Email the form to an off-site employee for them to print and take to an optician
c. Email the form to an optician that has agreed to accept orders electronically


Understanding Types of Lens

Clear Clear Polycarbonate Lens for use in all general conditions that require impact protection. VLT = 91%
XTP Lightly Tinted Polycarbonate Lens, ideal for working outdoors on bright, cloudy days or inside under artificial lighting. VLT = 64%
HD Blue Blue Polycarbonate Lens, for use in low light conditions and to sharpen definition. VLT = 59%
Amber Amber Polycarbonate Lens, for use in low light areas and in artificial light conditions. VLT = 83%
Silver Mirror Smoke Grey Polycarbonate Lens with silver mirror flash coating, ideally suited to working outside in bright sunlight. VLT = 22%
Blue Mirror Smoke Grey Polycarbonate Lens with blue mirror flash coating, ideally suited to working outside in bright sunlight. VLT = 22%
Smoke Grey Smoke Grey Polycarbonate Lens for use in sunny conditions and general outside use. VLT = 22%
Light Green Light Green Anti-Flash (Shade 1.7) Polycarbonate Lens, for use in welding to protect against welding flash. VLT = 55%
Dark Green Dark Green (Shade 5) Polycarbonate Lens, for use when gas welding, brazing or cutting. (NOT for Electric Arc Welding). VLT = 2%


UV and the Effect on the eye

When protecting the eyes it is important to select the correct type of lens filter. Clear Polycarbonate Lenses offer protection at the lower (UV215 to 380NM) range, whilst a filter conforming to EN 172 offers additional protection through the visible light range (sunlight etc) spectrum to 780nm.

 Eye Protection optic nerve

Visible Light Spectrum Chart

Eye Protection



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