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EN 343 Protection against Rain

This standard specifies the requirements and test methods for materials and the seams of clothing designed to give protection against precipitation (rain, snow), mist and ground moisture.

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ARC Standards

EN 343 Protection against Rain

EN 343

The contents of this standard

This standard's pictogram is an umbrella placed under two numbers that represent the X and Y values. The X value indicates the waterproofing and the Y value indicates the water vapour permeability (the respective garment's breathability).


This standard falls within the scope of ‘auto-certification’. This means that manufacturers are allowed to certify their own products, which therefore do not need to be approved by a test institute. This is because the only risk to the wearer is that he/she might get wet, which is not life-threatening. If EN 343 is used in combination with other standards (for example, a 4-safety parka that is waterproof), the whole combination of standards is assessed by a test institute.

The X and Y values

The X value indicates the waterproofing of the article. There are 3 classes in this respect - 3 is the highest (i.e. the most waterproof) and 1 is the lowest. A specific quantity of pressurised water is applied to the fabric (in combination with the insert); the respective class is derived from the amount of pressure the fabric can withstand.


The Y value indicates the breathability of the fabric(s) (all the layers used in the article). There are also 3 classes for breathability. Class 1 is the lowest and Class 3 the highest. Wearing Class 1 articles longer than x minutes is not recommended (the length of time the article may be worn (x) is given in the standard in a table)


The requirements set in this standard

• Models must meet the requirements specified in EN 340

• The tensile strength, tear resistance, shrinkage and seam strength must be within the tolerances specified in the standard

• There are no further model requirements for this garment. Obviously, the clothing may not have any openings (e.g. detachable sleeves) that will allow water in during normal use.


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