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Branded Clothing , PPE & Workwear


          Tower has its own badging facility at our Holton Heath Distribution Centre which has a mixture of 8 and 4 head embroidery machines giving a capacity for circa 1Million garments per year. In addition to this, there is five heat seal/transfer cells giving a capacity of circa 1.3Million garments per year giving a combined capacity of 2.3Million garments.  

If a high volume of a specific style is required, then Tower can arrange for logos to be applied at source of the garment using the approved artwork design.

Badging Embroidery Heatseal PPE Workwear Clothing Badging Embroidery Heatseal PPE Workwear Clothing Badging Embroidery Heatseal PPE Workwear Clothing Badging Embroidery Heatseal PPE Workwear Clothing Badging Embroidery Heatseal PPE Workwear Clothing Badging Embroidery Heatseal PPE Workwear Clothing




          Stocked consignment cabinets are available and can be located at major customer sites throughout the UK. These are refilled regularly according to demand and as agreed with the customer providing Item availability 24/7. Secure consignment cabinets or containers can be provided free of charge.

          Tower can also provide vending machine solutions or the latest RFID facilities, such as an intelliport doorway we have installed for a current customer. The intelliport doorway provides automated inventory control of direct and indirect materials such as garments, tools and safety products. Dispensing machines provide secure access and usage tracking while automating the reorder process; an automated order and inventory status is sent to Tower Customer Services via email.



Controlle Cloud – Click here to read more about Controlle Cloud


Secure Garment Distruction



  1. To provide the SecureBrand™ system to clients via Tower Supplies an approved supplier.
  2. A leading solution for clients providing a secure, sustainable recycling solution.
  3. Easily set up and integrated within the Equip supply management portal.


SecureBrand™ Sustainability


  • SecureBrand offers the most environmentally and innovative sustainable solution in the marketplace.
  • We structure every contract so that it meets the client’s security requirements but is arranged in such a way to minimise environmental impact.
  • 2018 environmental goals are:


  1. Reduce carbon footprint in collection process.
  2. Introduce further innovative methods of textile disposal into the marketplace.
  • ISO14001 accredited


SecureBrand™ Security

  • Shredding to BSEN15713
  • Following Data Protection requirements
  • Total security, being a dedicated team of fully trained and vetted personnel
  • We will work to go the extra mile for you
  • Giving you trust, integrity and security
  • Environmentally sustainable


SecureBrand™ Solution

  • Provide a SecureBin™ to each client site address
  • Each SecureBin™ will be collected on an agreed regular basis
  • A standard charge per site includes:

- Collection

- Secure tagging & traceability

- Secure destruction

- Secure recycling

- Bin maintenance

- All certification

- No Hidden Charges



Branded Clothing/Uniform Shredding and Destruction Service


          Increasingly, branded uniform and clothing shredding procedures are being put in place by businesses and organisations to ensure brand protection and security of the workplace.

          Uniform, ID badges and items such as branded clothing can be of high value to others. These can be misused for the purposes of fraud or could enable someone to walk unchallenged onto your site or into private offices.

          No longer are paper and electronic media seen as the only source of confidential or valuable information. Failure to destroy out of date branded clothing or uniforms may result in unauthorised access or entry to sensitive information or restricted areas contributing to a breach of the Data Protection act.

          SecureBrand’s confidential and secure uniform shredding and destruction service is one way you can be sure that you have taken necessary steps to ensure that identity theft does not happen to your organisation. We offer this service to organisations and businesses throughout the UK and offer a one-off or regular collection service to suit your specific needs. Carelessness in the end disposal of your organisations' uniform could cost you thousands.

          With our committal to environmental sustainability, we also have spent much time and effort on research as to the most efficient and innovative recycling procedure for the reuse of this textile waste once shredded. By partnering with specialist textile manufacturing and recycling organisations we are now able to offer a unique method of secure clothing shredding and recycling for this product and with larger quantities we have launched the most innovative end-product recycling technique that this industry has yet seen.

          Our safe and secure shredding and destruction service will offer you complete peace of mind.





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