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Sustainability & Recycling Policy


Tower Supplies is committed to protecting and enhancing local and global environments and ensuring that activities are carried out in a sustainable way. To meet our policy aim, we will:



  • Be aware of all new environmental legislation and regulations and comply with all environmental legislation and regulations.
  • Monitor and minimise energy use and its associated CO2 emissions and maximise the use of renewable energy sources where possible.
  • Monitor and minimise the generation of waste, maximise the re-use of materials and products, maximise the use of recycled materials and products, and maximise the recycling of materials and products.
  • Monitor and minimise raw material consumption and maximise the use of material from renewable sources.
  • Monitor and minimise polluting emissions to air, land and water, and the use of polluting forms of transport.
  • Assess the environmental impacts of all working practices and product manufacture and the whole life environmental performance of all purchases.
  • Maximise the use of local products and local workforce.
  • Monitor and minimise the use of water.


To further the aims of this policy, we will:


  • Provide adequate training for all staff.
  • Assess the environmental performance of all suppliers and develop a set of environmental targets and action plans.
  • Review this environmental policy and its action plans periodically with a view to continuous improvement.



Sustainable Practices


Tower Supplies set out the environmental objectives annually. To achieve environmental objectives, we log and track usage for gas, electricity and water each week. Tower has recently migrated to 100% solar renewable electricity.


Tower Supplies waste disposal procedures are covered by the company’s ISO 14001 accreditation. All waste is segregated into recyclable, cardboard and general waste categories. There are various facilities within the offices and warehouse to enable this. For example, within the office building there are separate waste bins for recyclable, paper and non-paper waste to provide for separation and easier disposal of waste. There is regular monitoring of the waste recycling operator and waste transfer notes to ensure waste is collected at suitable frequencies and that as much as possible is sent for recycling. Within warehouse and distribution operations, Tower aims to reuse all packaging materials received from suppliers when redistributing goods to avoid unnecessary waste and repacking of goods.


All paper products provided by Tower to customers (e.g. paper towels, tissues, toilet paper) and used internally (e.g. printer and photocopier paper) are from sustainable sources or made from recycled materials. Additionally, Tower encourages customers to use dispensers that reduce waste by controlling the amount of paper towel or tissue dispensed (e.g. the SmartOne system provided by Tower Supplies).


As a distributor, Tower uses many wooden pallets and deliberately deals with a supplier that sources wood from responsible and sustainable timber farms, and that actively encourages the repair, reuse and recycling of pallets.


Using the infrastructure and network of existing network carriers for deliveries ensures Tower can minimise waste in terms of energy for the delivering activity.

Tower requests all manufacturers of clothing to provide evidence of WRAP certification. In addition, Tower asks suppliers not to individually wrap and pack garments but instead to bulk pack items to reduce the use of packaging (particularly plastic wrapping).


For more information about this particular policy and other Tower policies, including annual objectives and targets, please Contact Us.


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