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HV PPE - High Voltage ARC Flash Protection Supplier

Welcome to Fire Bear , the specialist Flame Retardant and Arc Protection, HV PPE range from Tower Supplies, one of the UK's largest independently owned Health & Safety companies.

Established in 1983, we have unprecedented experience over 30 years in the manufacture of PPE and workwear built round our core values:

Innovation, Integrity & Respect. Fire Bear itself embodies these values and was, in fact, born out of them.

An arc flash is the light and heat produced from an electric arc supplied with sufficient electrical energy to cause substantial damage, harm, fire, or injury. Arc flashes can produce deafening noises, supersonic concussive-forces, super-heated shrapnel, temperatures far greater than the Sun's surface (I.e. 35,000 °F (19,400 °C)), and intense, high-energy radiation capable of vaporizing nearby materials. This can cause destruction of equipment involved, fire, and injury not only to an electrical worker but also to bystanders.

In addition to the explosive blast, called the arc blast of such a fault, destruction also arises from the intense radiant heat produced by the arc. It produces tremendous amounts of light energy from far infrared to ultraviolet. Surfaces of nearby objects, including people, absorb this energy and are instantly heated to vaporizing temperatures.



An arc flash happens when electric current flows through an air gap between conductors. Accidents caused by touching a test probe to the wrong surface or slipped tool are the most common cause of an arcing fault. Arc flashes can also be caused by:

  • Sparks due to breaks or gaps in the insulation.
  • Equipment failure due to use of substandard parts, improper installation, or even normal wear and tear.
  • Dust, corrosion or other impurities on the surface of the conductor

Arc flash is caused by uncontrolled conduction of electrical current from phase to ground, phase to neutral, and/or phase to phase accompanied by ionization of the surrounding air. Because of the expansive vaporization of conductive metal, a line-to-line or line-to-ground arcing fault can escalate into a three-phase arcing fault in less than a 1/1000th of a second. The heat energy and intense light at the point of the arc is called arc flash.


Why use Arc Flash protection?

As you are now no doubt aware, that an Arc Flash is an extremely dangerous and life-threatening event, and is distressing not only for the individual who is the subject of it, but the families and the company involved.

Through effectively employing Fire Bear Arc Flash garments and PPE, you can lessen and potentially avoid the injuries sustained through an Arc Flash incident, however there is always an element of risk, when working in an environment where there is the potential for an Arc Flash incident.

We stock a wide range of high voltage personal protection equipment ( hv ppe ).

Insulated clothing when working with high voltage ( hv ) systems is of extreme importance - without an effective method of resisting voltage, electricity could potentially make contact with a human's skin and be potentially fatal.

Wearing clothing that is resistant to the level of high voltage you're working with ensures that electricity is always resisted against and ensures safety when working with potentially dangerous electrical systems.

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