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CtrlCloud PPE

What Is CtrlCloud ?



CtrlCloud is not just a PPE Management System.

CtrlCloud is not just a Sales Platform.

CtrlCloud is not just a Website.


CtrlCloud is a hybrid , what makes it special is it’s uniqueness and adaptability for every customer’s needs .


Employee / Staff Management

We offer you the possibility to manage your staff by yourself or have us do it for you , no matter how complicated it is.

We won’t give you a standard format that won’t fit you , we let you give us exactly what data you need and we’ll make sure you will have it on your CtrlCloud.


Permissions System

Depending on your company’s Purchasing structure you can set different permissions for your buyers depending on their job role.

This function is great.

This is how the permissions work.

And the best part you can do this with all the features that we offer.


Approval System

If you want to have control over what your buyers order this is the thing. They just order as they always do but this time after they place the order you will receive an email and an SMS with the order # and what it contains , asking you to approve the order , only then the order will be sent to processing.


Product Access Permissions

This is to make simple things simpler . If you have different job types throughout your company that require different items , and some items they would never order , whoever is set with a specific job role will only see products that are relevant to him/her.



The default reports are:

-          By Delivery Site

-          By Staff / Employee

-          By Customer (Buyer)

-          By Business (If your company has more businesses in it)

-          By Project (You can create your own projects and assign orders to them)

-          Product Usage


Downloadable Reports

We can create any custom downloadable report available to you in any format you wish.



No matter what your business system is we can connect it to Ctrl Cloud. If you have a custom ordering system we can integrate it with CtrlCloud , if you also want the orders sent into any of your systems we can do that too.


Security and Business Continuity

The importance of Business Continuity to Tower is paramount .

CtrlCloud is located in one of London Telehouse’s secured servers , we have a backup CtrlCloud server which is located in Gloucester.

Both of the servers are maintained and updated everyday by Tower Supplies , there is no 3rd party. Every piece of data that you have in our servers is 100% secure .


Order History

You will have all of your order history saved.


Order Status

Unlike other companies that just make a surprise for you everytime you create an order and you don’t know when you’ll get your items , things have changed with CtrlCloud. Just one click and you will know everything about your order , you will get live data from our warehouse which will tell you the exact status of your order , if it has been picked/packed , delivered or not delivered(and the date and time of the delivery), if it has been splitted into multiple packages and which are they, etc.


CtrlCloud Trainining

If you want to have quizzes / training documents / videos / images for your buyers you can have them on your CtrlCloud site.

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